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released March 2, 2012



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facials Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Fumigate
i was sleeping in my bed
felt 'em crawling in just like the feds
i was sleeping on the floor
csis came knocking at my door
i don't think that i can cope
ceaseless csis and it's not a joke
my itching skin will start to crawl
bugs in the sheets, bugs in the wall

out from hibernation
state sponsored infestation
good time for an extermination
so we can sleep right

guess i always should have known
from that clicking on my telephone
not just a matter of skin care
we're dealing with biowarfare
spider snitches black-op cops
itching scabs make me blow my top
my skin is red from a barrage
insidious insect espionage

gonna fumigate
cuz we hate the state
then we can sleep nights

and the bugs
planted in my head
crawling on my skin
now the wall's closing in
since the feds
crept into my bed
i have to sleep with
unwelcome suitors
j. edgar hoover
Track Name: Mom
got my eye on you
i'm in your daughter's room
babe you're forty-two
but that don't matter to me

you're driving my carpool
and you taught me at sunday school
gotta break some rules
but that don't matter to me

i wanna take you to alaska
when i'm old enough to drive
but right now i got something to ask you
when i'm legal will you be my bride
Track Name: Garglin'
bury me deep down
in my riot gear
been a good cop
for all these years
cracking skulls
of whores and queers
now my reward
gargling on the glory of the lord

done my service to the law
give myself up to god
open up my pearly gates
for your blessing i can't wait
put the p in police state
baptize me

it's pouring down, your heavenly grace
it's pouring down all over my face
a sacrament of golden streams
the holy water of my dreams
jesus' light pink penis piss
to wash away all my official sins

hates bdsm
and sodomy
repression's got
a hold on me
father please
let loose
and set this bad cop free
Track Name: You
standing with the men in the tailored greys
suits to match your souls' decay
press conference with your smarmy face
on a mission, keep the hordes at bay
refugees and thieves just stay away
we can't help if you can't pay
save the kids, indefinitely detain
can't let just anyone immigrate

multicultural paradise you're sure to say
with multicoloured citizens we'll decorate
choose the ones who can sustain
strong work ethic and a smiling face
national security still rules the day
newcomers, accept our modern ways
save the kids, indefinitely detain
can't let just anyone immigrate

how can you do the things you do
you think we need you
we'll walk right through you
Track Name: Total Apocalypse
nuclear holocaust coming through
why'd you say you'd always be true
radioactive debris in the air
but i just wanna run my hands through your hair

the whole town is a smoldering crater
don't change how much i hate her
my love life is a nuclear waste
now that i can't kiss your nuclear face
maybe world war iii is about to start
but i'm having a total apocalypse of the heart

mushroom clouds loom overhead
you left me crying with words unsaid
you left an a-bomb in my heart
to blow this fucking world apart
your flesh melting off my bones
can't forget now i'm alone
eyeballs popping in the air
when i just wanna run my hands through your hair
Track Name: Sickness (Burning Kitchen)
(cover of a song by burning kitchen off "damn if you do damn if you don't")

pleasing, teasing
or controlled but rough
we play out our roles all according to the master plan
never gave a second thought that maybe they were planted
everything you thought was inborn is socially constructed

like father, like son
like mother, like daughter
like sister, like brother
we pass the sickness on

tabloid propaganda
promoting stereotypes
"ten steps better sex..." piss off! I couldn't be bothered
but sex sells and men pay so here we go again
the power structure kept in balance with gender anti-poles

like father, like son
like mother, like daughter
like sister, like brother
we pass the sickness on

fuck you for smearing my sexuality with filth
for letting me inherit you fear, shame and guilt

i am just a naked boy with an erection
and with my heart I despise male tradition

fuck you for smearing my sexuality with filth
for letting me inherit you fear, shame and guilt
i am a girl and i happen to be naked
but that doesn't mean I want to have sex
Track Name: 1082
satanic licking at midnight
flesh bulging, skin tight
it's just a neighbourhood blight
conference of mothers and sodomites
we'll burn them out tonight

1 2 3 4 pour that gasoline upon the floor
i don't wanna see no more
of this perverse degradation
fill me up with god
no wait, don't fill me up at all
i can wait cuz heaven is in store

be a good girl, repress desire
he'll come inside to take me higher
they'll get a little taste of hellfire
i'll get a chance to prove i'm no longer a liar

1 2 3 4 pour that gasoline upon the floor
douse the window, douse the door
gonna burn up all our sin with them
save our reputations
and our rightful properties
you won't need no more orgies
in a brand new condominium

unholy desire
where there's smoke there's fire

5 6 7 8 how can i want just what i hate
pure thoughts, don't take no bait
wrapped in sheets, escaping to the street
not my cross to bear, i've done my share
i just can't help thinking
how much longer can i live this christian lie for
Track Name: Homos 2gethr 4evr
never thought it could happen
can't believe it's true
i've fallen so hard in friendship with you
he's got the hottest dance moves
and the coolest licks
but i'm kind of a boob girl
and he can't keep his mind off them dicks

know you like the dudes but i always wanna be
your lesbian girlfriend, platonically

can i be your platonic lesbian girlfriend
both bent the other way
but who cares in the end
cuz they say that only love can break your heart
but no sexual tension means we never will part

boys can have your bod but i'm always gonna be
your lesbian girlfriend, platonically

don't fuck each other
love one another

i'll be gay all the way right beside you
Track Name: Twin Love
two bodies
but they look the same
they say our face has
two different names
you are a part of me
can't be apart from me
what's in our heart, you see
they'll never know

sister to sister
unspoken deal
red blood
true love

two faces
and two different names
finally they found us
hiding in vain
i'm still a part of you
love burrows through and through
but in our heart we knew
we had to choose

sister to sister
we will be free
red blood
true love
blood red
she's dead

i don't want anyone else
Track Name: Bras at the Dump
where d'ya think you're going
right when i needed some support
you're gonna leave me all alone
with just my strapless last resort

i thought you said we were gonna
try on bras at the dump

i had an feeling neath my breast
i was gonna get some suspension
you gonna lay our love to rest
right when i needed body retention

i want you to hold me
Track Name: Patty
see me on the surveillance tape
wearing a wig
gonna liberate this land from
fascist pigs
in my left hand is a hydra
in my right a gun
let's rob a bank now baby
let's have some fun

granddaddy published life and time
granddaddy printed major news
and now i live a life of crime
i never lived 'til i met you

took me from my apartment back in '74
i know together we can win urban war
in my left hand are the van keys
in my right a gun
let's flee the man now baby
let's have some fun

just so many ways to love you
on the lam
but then they caught up with us
in san fran
in my left hand a plea bargain
did what i should
but who knew stockholm syndrome
could feel so good